Cedar Planked Grilled Fish

How to Cook Fish on a Grilling Plank

Cedar Planked Grilled FishIf you are a seafood lover, you know it is hard to find anything more delicious than salmon fresh off the grill. Nothing brings out the true flavor of fish more than cooking it over an open flame. There are several different methods for grilling fish on a plank, but most of it is done using a cedar plank. Planks can be found at grocery stores, department stores, or hardware stores in the grilling section.

The first step in preparing to grill the fish is to soak the cedar plank. Some people prefer to soak it in water, but if you want a different flavor, then you should try wine, sake, or cider. They should be soaked for at least one or two hours before you begin grilling, but some prefer to soak them overnight for the best results. When you are ready to cook, dry the plank and coat it with olive or vegetable oil. Heat the grill to medium, which is about 350 degrees, and place the planks side-by-side, leaving a little bit of room for the air to flow on each side.

Before you place the salmon or other fish of your choice on the planks, season them using your favorite flavors. You might want to use lemon zest, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, or fresh dill, depending on your specific tastes. Once the seasoning is complete, place each piece of fish with the skin side down on the planks. It should be placed in a single layer, and you should close the grill immediately. For salmon that is very moist, place orange or lemon slices in a single layer under the fish on top of the planks.

Watch the clock, and let the fish cook for about 12 minutes before you check it. Smaller cuts of fish will take less time to cook, so time the grilling accordingly. If small flames start to appear, extinguish them quickly with a spray bottle of water. Don’t be alarmed.  The flames are necessary to produce the cedar smoke that really gives the salmon its flavor. Check the fish with a meat thermometer to see when it has reached your preferred temperature. Serve the salmon right on the plank by placing it on a cookie sheet and you will wow your guests.

Once you are finished, you can reuse the plank, even if it is charred. They are dishwasher safe and can be used multiple times to create not only fish dishes, but poultry dishes, too.

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