grilling planks

How to Choose the Perfect Grilling Plank

grilling planks

Grilling can be an art form, and using the right tools can allow you to create a tasty recipe. If you are looking for an easy way to improve the taste of your grill creations, then you should consider using a grilling plank. This technique is known as “planking,” and it involves putting the food directly onto a piece of hardwood. When the food is cooked on the plank, the natural flavors of the wood help to season the food.

Here are a few things that you should look for when selecting the right grilling plank.

Grilling Plank Size and Thickness

You want to be sure that the plank is big enough to hold the food, and a 15″ length is ideal to fit a large piece of fish. Length is important, but the plank thickness is even more critical to your grilling success. If the plank is too thin, the wood can burn too quickly which could ruin your meal.

Most grilling planks are 1/5″ thick, which is too thin because they will burn too quickly. For the best results, you should use a grilling plank that is 3/8″ thick, because it is thick enough to prevent burning and thin enough that it allows the food to cook quickly.

Type of Wood for Grilling Planks

grilling plank cooking

Choosing the right type of wood will impact the flavor of your food, and you should consider the essence of the wood when buying the planks. For delicate foods such as fish, chicken, or vegetables, a cedar grilling plank has the right essence to add flavor without overpowering the taste of the food. If you are cooking gamier meat or beef, then you might consider using a wood with a stronger essence, such as hickory or oak.

Also, keep in mind that the wood source makes a difference, because the area where the tree was harvested can impact the flavor of the wood. A good cedar grilling plank should come from the Pacific Northwest, which is known for its fragrant and spicy cedar planks.

A High Quality Grilling Plank Makes a Difference

Instead of buying the cheapest grilling plank that you can find, remember that the taste of the food can be impacted by the quality of the plank that you are using. For best results, you should use high quality grilling planks that will enhance the flavor of your food.

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