cedar grilling planks

How to Use Cedar Grilling Planks

cedar grilling planks

Using cedar grilling planks to grill fish and other foods adds a delicious flavor to your foods.  They are simple to use and allow you to easily grill meats that  are difficult to grill.  The cedar flavoring comes through the meat as it is being grilled and the taste simply cannot be beat.  When you are ready to try cedar grilling planks, we have a few suggestions to make sure your meal is wonderful.

Take the Time to Soak the Planks

Before you use your cedar grilling planks, they must be soaked for several hours.  Many people say two to six hours is enough, but you can leave them overnight if you want.  Use your sink or a clean five gallon bucket with a lid to soak your cedar grilling planks.  Fill the bucket or sink with enough water to completely submerge the planks.  If you are using a sink or other lidless container, you may have to add weight to the plank to keep it under the water.

If you use warm water to soak your cedar grilling planks, it will help the pores of the wood open up and help it get really saturated.  Add a little salt to the water to enhance the cedar flavor.  You can also try adding herbs or flavored liquids, such as white wine, apple cider or beer, to the water for a delicious change to the taste.  Experimenting to find your favorite combination is fun!

After soaking, cedar grilling planks can be stored in your freezer for future use.  Just be sure to store them in a sealed plastic bag.  Simply thaw the plank by putting it in hot water for 10 minutes or so.

Drying and Prepping

Dry the planks after you have soaked them and rub olive or vegetable oil on the top of the plank.  Rubbing different herbs on the plank can add an exciting taste to your meat, also.  Make sure you preheat your grill before placing the cedar grilling planks on the grill, and allow them to preheat, too.

Prepare the Meat

Prepare your meat as desired.  Remember that choosing different oils and herbs will change the flavor of your foods dramatically.  Another way to add flavor to your meat is by putting fruits or vegetables on the plank first and then laying the meat on top.  The fruits, especially citrus fruits, will make your meat delicious and help keep the meat moist.

You will not need to turn the meat on the cedar grilling planks and try not to open your grill often.  Let the smoke stay in the grill and give your meat that smoky flavor you want. Check the meat quickly to be sure there are no flare-ups of flames that you need to douse.

Many people assume cedar grilling planks are only for fish or other meats, but vegetables and even desserts can be cooked on a plank.  Again, experimenting with foods and different herbs can bring about some exciting meals.  Be sure to always clean and sanitize your cedar grilling plank when you are finished and never allow a cedar plank to rest on a flammable object until you are sure it has cooled completely.

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