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Plank Grilling is Becoming so Popular

salmonPlank grilling is becoming very popular with grill masters all over the country.  For those who do not know what this is, it is really simple and fun.  Different wood, such as cedar or cherry, are cut into planks and then used as a “pan” to grill foods on.  Each wood adds a distinct flavor to the meat. Cedar is the most commonly used wood.

Little Preparation

There is very little preparation needed to use planks for grilling.  Each plank must be soaked in liquid overnight or for several hours before they are used on the grill.  This prevents the plank from catching on fire.  Planks can be soaked in a sink (a weight may be needed to keep it completely submerged) or in a five gallon bucket with a lid.  Water is often the first choice of liquids, but other liquids can be used, too.

Soaking Adds Flavor

Fruit juices, wine, or even beer can be added to the water to add a different flavor to the food being prepared.  Usually, the other liquids are used to with the water, as using only fruit juice to soak the planks in can be expensive.  Planks can be frozen after they are soaked to cut a little preparation time in the future.

Fish Made Easy to Cook

Fish is often considered the best choice for plank grilling.  Fish is delicious when it is cooked on a grill, but it is also difficult to prepare without it falling apart or sticking to the grill.  By using a plank, these problems are eliminated.  Lay the fish on a plank and prepare as usual. Remember, fruits and vegetables can be added to the plank and the entire meal will be ready.  Herbs and fruits can also be used for flavoring the fish in new and interesting ways.

Clean Up Is Simple

Another reason plank grilling is so popular is that clean-up is so easy!  No more scrubbing grease and pieces of meat from the grill.  Everyone hates doing that.  When a plank is used, scrubbing time is minimal and clean-up a breeze.  The plank simply needs to be cleaned and put away for the next use.

plank grillingCan Cook Most Anything

Plank grilling can also be used to prepare other meats, pizza and even desserts.  The internet is full of delicious and fun recipes to try.  A true grill master knows what herbs and flavors go well together and will be able to create new recipes each time he/she uses their planks for grilling.

Using wooden planks for grilling is becoming so popular because of the ease of use, clean-up, and the delicious tastes of the foods prepared on them.  If plank grilling is not something you have tried, then it is time to take the plunge and buy a plank or two.  This is one purchase you will use over and over.

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