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The Best Kabob Grilling Baskets

The smoky, mouth-watering scent of a perfectly grilled kabob reminds you that it’s almost grilling season. Grilling is a great way to make beloved memories with friends and family while enhancing your food’s taste and flavor. Kabob grilling baskets make cooking your favorite meats, veggies, and seafood easy. 

We’ve taken stock of the best available shish kabob baskets and tested them for features such as overall quality, size, sturdiness, and ease of use. As grilling enthusiasts, we didn’t consider this grueling work, but we did notice that some brands definitely stood out from the crowd. 

If the idea of freshly grilled kabobs has your mouth watering, here are some of the most popular grill baskets that keep lovers of kabobs coming back for more grilled goodness. 

The Charcoal Companion is raved about by loyal customers. The stunning rosewood handles are elegant and tasteful for anyone who prefers a more luxurious grilling tool. Each basket is 19’’ long and excellent for any meat or veggie combo. Heavy gauge steel wire keeps your food cooked perfectly and your grates clean. 

You receive four large heavy-gauge steel baskets with a non-stick coat to reduce cleaning time. The basket measures 19.4’’ long, making it one of the bigger kabob grilling tools on the market. 

  • Elegant rosewood handles 
  • Includes four baskets 
  • Lid latches to keep food inside 
  • Larger than comparable kabob grilling tools 

Charlux Grilling Skewers/Baskets – Best Kabob Grilling Baskets for Meat & Seafood

Each Charlux stainless steel skewer is large enough to support large cuts of meats and seafood such as steak, chicken, or jumbo shrimp. If you’re a meat lover, these are perfect for your next family BBQ. Each skewer has a slider to easily remove food and a latch to keep your food secure. 

Charlux is perfect for grilling assorted veggies and meats. Large items such as jumbo shrimp can be cooked to perfection on the food-grade stainless steel skewers. Equipped with a non-stick coated, steel wire cage, your perfectly grilled kabobs will leave no mess and make cleaning simple. Charlux kabob baskets are not recommended for the dishwasher. 

  • Non-stick for reducing clean up 
  • Lid latch to keep basket closed 
  • Slider on skewer to easily remove food 
  • Wooden handle making it easy to flip  

Four-Piece Kabob Grilling Baskets – Best Grill Basket for Large Kabobs 

The 4 piece grilling basket set includes four 20’’ long stainless steel baskets, perfect for cooking steak, chicken, veggies, and more. The basket is spacious and can accommodate more barbecue food items, making this product perfect for guests and family visits. Each handle is made from oak and can fold in or be removed for easy storage. 

The spaciousness makes it an excellent option for anyone wanting a large kabob loaded with meat and veggies. This set includes extra tools to complete your grilling experience. Shop G.A. HOMEFAVOR if you’re looking to entertain guests and cook a larger amount of food. 

  • 20″ Long!
  • Spacious basket fits more food
  • Includes extra grilling tools 
  • Long, foldable, removable oak handles 
  • made of stainless steel with a latch 

The D-Ice kabob grilling basket is great for outdoor grilling with non-stick stainless steel material to save your grill grate from getting dirty. The D-Ice product makes for excellent kabob grilling with four baskets and two steel skewers. A steel skewer will last longer than traditional bamboo skewers, making D-Ice a better economical option for BBQ lovers. 

D-Ice baskets are on the smaller side of comparable ones on the market. While this could be a con to some, those with smaller grills might actually benefit from the shortness of each basket. Coming in at only 17’’ long, some of these tools have been said to burn on larger grill plates. If you want a juicy kabob but are stuck with a small grill, D-ICE would be a good choice. 

  • Long wooden handles for easy cooking 
  • Sturdy for grilling all barbecue staples 
  • Made of stainless steel for cleaner cooking 
  • Two steel skewers for perfectly cooked meats and veggies 

More Great Kabob Grill Baskets

Honorable mentions include JUCT Portable Grilling Baskets and the Cebia Shish Kabob Grilling Baskets. With new grill inventions popping up constantly, there’s always an up-and-coming product that customers will sweep the shelves for. Here are a couple more of our favorites. 

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods’ basket includes a wooden handle and stainless steel wire basket. These baskets are perfect for BBQ on an open flame campfire and on at-home grills. You can cook your favorite kabob combos with easy clean-up and maintain the quality of your basket if you periodically apply mineral oil, just be aware that this product is not dishwasher safe, and handwashing is recommended. 

  • Cooks evenly and beautifully  
  • Perfect for cooking over a campfire
  • Wooden handle for easy flipping 
  • Easy grilling for veggie and meat lovers 

Longou Grilling Basket 

Longou includes four durable baskets, four standard BBQ skewers, and two handy barbecue brushes for grills. With a touch of cooking oil, your food will be cooked to perfection with minimal mess, extending the life and quality of your grill grates. The Longou set can be used on charcoal, gas, smoke, and infrared grills making it a versatile option for grillmasters. 

  • Set includes baskets, skewers, and BBQ brushes 
  • Can be used on a gas, smoke, charcoal, or infrared grills
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wooden handles make it easy to flip the kabob 

Skewers Vs. No Skewers

Some products, such as Uncommon Goods, do not include a skewer. Langou includes several thin, traditional steel barbecue skewers that work best for small cuts of meat or veggies. 

D-ICE and Charlux products include thicker, larger skewers best for larger pieces of food. These are known to uphold more weight without bending, snapping, or breaking. If you’re serving a group or prefer larger cuts of meat, you want a durable skewer. 


While most grilling baskets run between 15’’-20’’ long, the size of your basket can make a huge difference. Some prefer a larger basket measure for bigger portions, while others are working from a small grill and need a smaller tool. 

The G.a. HOMEFAVOR basket is the largest with plenty of room to cook your goodies and 20’’ of length. Uncommon Goods, Langou, and Charcoal Companion all measure 19’’, which work great for larger meals. 

Looking for something smaller? No worries! D-ICE and Charlux are the smallest of the two at 17’’ in length. If you’re grilling with less surface area, this is a great pick for you. You want a smaller tool for smaller grills to avoid burning the wood handle. 

Types of Handles

Handles are typically made out of wood, although it’s still recommended to wear gloves when handling kabob grilling baskets. Some prefer different cuts of wood to complement their kitchen utensils and tools. Charlux, Uncommon Goods, D-ICE, and Langou offer handles made from basic hardwood. 

If you want a nicer cut of wood, G.a HOMEFAVOR uses oak for their handles, and Charcoal Companion uses rosewood. Choosing this product’s handle can boil down to personal preference of wood. 

Individual or Multiple Baskets

An individual shish kabob basket can be perfect for singles or couples, but you want a product that comes with multiples if you plan to feed more hungry eaters. 

Some come in a set of 4, 6, or 8. Other baskets come individually with the option to order more. Most baskets themselves only create a single serving of a kabob. 


After doing this review of grilling kabob baskets, we’re ready to head to the grill and get busy. How about you? We love our top choice, Charcoal Companion Kabob Baskets, for their great size, overall quality, and beautiful rosewood handles. Still, the others on our list didn’t disappoint either. 

The bottom line is that there’s a perfect kabob basket out there for you, so now it’s time to shop and start planning your next delicious, grilled meal.

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