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4 Low-Fat and Flavor-Filled Recipes!

Grilling RecipesAre you looking for some great recipes that can help you maintain/lose weight, help you feel full, give you an extra boost of protein, AND taste amazing?! Finding recipes that can fulfill all of those needs can be close to impossible – but with the Gourmet Grilling Plank, a few seasonings, and a choice of lean meat (or tofu!), your search is over!

The trick is to use meats that are high in protein and low in fat – so don’t use foods like burgers, pork, steak, or brats. This is a super simple guide to great flavors, great lean and high protein choices, and the perfect plank to cook with!

1. Tofu – cook this in a tangy, Asian hoisin marinade & grill on a Cherry OR Hickory plank. This sauce pairs perfectly with tofu, along with many other foods, and can create some intense, original flavors when cooked with these two planks! This is a perfect combination that will make you look at tofu in a completely new way! Serve with steamed broccoli.

2. Shrimp – sprinkle basil, oregano, and a touch of chili powder, and bake on an Alder OR Hickory plank. You can never go wrong with some light flavors, a kick of heat, and planks that are going to create a foundation for these light flavors to float on. It really does infuse great taste with the kick of chili powder. Serve this over a bed of couscous.

Note: another great alternative with an Alder or Hickory plank are Turkey Burgers! This is a lean alternative to eating regular burgers, and I personally find them to be much more flavorful and delectable than a normal burger!

3. Salmon – sweet-chili mango sauce marinated over night, grilled on a Cedar OR Red Oak plank. This is actually one of my favorite sauces. There are certain types of sauces, like this, for example, that when marinated with salmon overnight will change your entire perception of cooking salmon. Something about these flavors, especially on the Cedar or Red Oak plank, that will propel you to make more and crave this delicious treat (yes, this is personal experience.). So I suggest you drink water and remember that you will be full within ten minutes of eating your fillet.

4. Chicken Veggie Kabobs – red and green peppers, onions, garlic powder, mushrooms, a squeeze of lemon, & cracked pepper on a Maple OR Alder plank. These two planks are going to give different flavors to your Kabobs; maple is going to give you sweeter and richer taste, while the alder will give you an earthier, bolder flavor. Either way is phenomenal. I would suggest serving this with mango salsa for an interesting sweet heat that can really be complimentary to both styles of plank.

No matter what you decide to cook on your Gourmet Grill Plank, you are going to really enjoy the savory and flavor-filled twist that all of your meals will have!

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