Tomorrow's Salad Is Today's Dinner

Tomorrow’s Salad is Today’s Dinner

Tomorrow's Salad Is Today's Dinner

While you may hear the word “salad” and think of iceberg lettuce and tomato wedges, today’s salad is so much more. There are many awesome ways to create a delicious tasting, healthy salad that hits the spot when you want to eat something that is light and flavorful. It is easy to create salads in multiple ways and never eat the same thing twice. Thinking outside of the box enables you to create a delicious-tasting salad that won’t need the help of dressings to taste terrific. An easy way to make salads more palatable? Fire up the grill and those tasty meats and add them to your salad.

Prepare a Little Extra

If you’re already grilling meat for lunch or dinner, prepare a little extra. Any seasoning will do. Keep in mind that you’re making a little more for your salad the following day when choosing the seasonings that you will use for the meal. This is another splendid way to extend the possibilities with your salad.

The extra meat you grill for dinner tonight can go into tomorrow’s salad. You can serve that salad for lunch if you want something to eat on the go or simply want something that is easy to prepare. Of course, you can also eat it as a snack or even as your dinner meal if you’d like. There is never a wrong time to eat a salad, and when the temperatures outside are hot and furious, a delicious and cool salad topped with delicious grilled meats hits the spot perfectly.Grilled Salad

Meat is easier to eat in salads if it’s chopped or sliced thinly, so it’s also easy to use today’s leftover pieces of meat for tomorrow’s salad. No need to warm –just toss on top of the salad and gobble your delicious meal right up.

Some ideas for grilled meat salads include:

For meat grilled with some simple seasoning salt (such as Mrs. Dash, Lawry’s, or Santa Maria Salts)

  • Think of a more traditional salad combination such as green lettuce, tomato wedges, feta cheese crumbles, and red wine vinegar as dressing. These combinations pair well together, and the salad is still very light.
  • Or prepare some quinoa or couscous and add the grilled meat along with grilled zucchini and steamed carrot (for a warm salad), or bell pepper and Italian dressing (for a cold salad).
  • Grilled chicken is always an excellent topping for your lettuce and tomato salad. Personally, I like to add Colby Jack and Cheddar cheese to the mix, along with a small taste of Italian dressing.
  • For meat grilled with barbecue sauce or smoked with a mustard sauce, the meat flavor should dominate.
  • Think of adding this flavorful meat to quinoa, couscous, or rice. Then mix in grilled or sautéed summer squashes and walnuts; these will add flavor, but won’t completely overwhelm your already-flavorful meat.
  • If you want to showcase your grilled meat, make a wedge salad. Slice a wedge out of a head of iceberg lettuce, grill it, add your meat, some shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese, and a light dressing that complements the meat flavor and enjoy.

Seafood salads are a special treat in the hot summer months.

  • For these salads, lettuce and lighter dressings work well. Try sprinkling the salad with some couscous and adding a light Italian dressing.
  • If you want a warm seafood salad, why not try shredding and sautéing zucchini as the base? Then add fresh garlic, lemon juice, and parsley.
  • Try making a Pico de Gallo (also known as Salsa Fresca) salsa to use as a salad dressing for these seafood salads. In a food processor, chop 1 tomato, 1 onion, 1/2 fresh jalapeno (already seeded), 2 sprigs fresh cilantro, 1 green onion, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste. You may even find that pico de gallo is just as delicious as a dressing on other salads!
  • Add mini shrimp to the top of your lettuce and tomato salad. Grilled shrimp tastes delicious mixed with your salad.
  • Grilled steak is another great idea for your lettuce and tomato salad. This is a bit heavier and a little less healthy, but nonetheless delicious.

Let your Imagination Soar

The ideas listed above only begin to describe the endless possibilities for your delicious dinner tonight and an awesome salad tomorrow. Let your imagination soar and you can find many great ways to eat salad.

Salad with Grilled Meat

Using leftover grilled meats from your dinner for your salad the next day is an excellent way to save money and time, as well as explore delicious and healthy eating options. Why go out and spend money to eat at a restaurant for lunch when you can easily create a terrific salad and keep your money in your pocket? Do not miss out on the chance to enjoy salads topped with delicious grilled meats! You’ll never go back to the plain lettuce and tomato salad again.

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