spring grilling preparation

Spring Grilling Preparation

Now is the time for spring grilling preparation.  With the snow blowing outside and the temperatures dropping, spring can seem like a long way away.  For grill masters, the winter months are often spent dreaming of that first delicious hamburger of the season and checking out the new must-have gadgets for this year.  To help spring seem a little closer, check out our ideas for grilling preparations you can do now.

  • Even though your grill was spotless when you put it away last fall, you will still need to give it a good cleaning. Dirt and dust can get into the smallest holes in your cover and you have no way of knowing what little creatures of crawled over your grill throughout the winter.  Make sure to thoroughly clean the grease traps on your grill because that grease can ignite and set your grill on fire.spring grilling preparation
  • Stock up on fuel now. Often, propane tanks for grills will be cheaper during the cold months than during the season when everyone wants one.  You could save a few dollars by purchasing your new tanks now or filling the ones you have.
  • Carefully inspect your grill for rust or other damage. Make sure all of the parts are connected properly and that there are no spiders hiding inside your burners.  For some reason, bugs love to invade those small spaces and they will prevent your grill from lighting properly and may even cause a fire.spring grilling preparation
  • Check your grilling supplies. If you use cedar planks, make sure the ones you have are in good condition and no creatures have chewed on them over the winter.  If you use a charcoal grill, be sure you have lighter fluid, charcoal and smoke chips.  Even purchasing these supplies can lift your grilling –withdrawal symptoms and make spring seem a little closer.
  • After you have cleaned your grill, be sure to oil the grates. The cleaning could have removed some of the natural lubrication of the metal and this will help with future cleaning.spring grilling preparation
  • The most fun part of grilling preparation is buying new gadgets for this season. A new grill brush is a must as even the one you purchased last year will be dirty and well-used.  All grill masters know a meat thermometer is a necessity so purchase a new one.  How about a new pepper grinder or new cedar planks?
  • Start planning new recipes! The internet is full of delicious ways to grill your chicken and steaks.  You may even learn how to prepare your desserts or an entire meal on your grill.  Grilling a meal is fun and less mess to clean up means you have more time to enjoy your family and friends.

Grilling preparation is a necessary chore each winter, but it is also one that most grill masters look forward to because it means that soon, they will be outside enjoying a warm, beautiful evening and grilling a delicious meal for those they love.

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