spicing up your grilled chicken with international flair

Spicing Up Your Grilled Chicken With International Flair

spicing up your grilled chicken with international flair

Grilling season is in full swing and people around the country are outside with the grills blazing and the aromas are filling the neighborhood. Cookouts are one of the best things about summer. Nothing can come close to the deliciousness of the foods you can prepare on the grill, and it’s definitely a nice way to get together with your friends, family, and others. Of the many delicious foods that can be prepared on the grill, chicken is by far one of the best that you can cook. Prepared correctly, a boneless, skinless chicken breast, a drumstick, or even a thigh becomes a succulent, juicy main course for any meal.

Preparing grilled chicken correctly certainly requires knowledge of how to use the grill, of course, but the real secret to success lies within the spices that you’ve used to season your poultry with. Without the right spices, your chicken will still lack the ‘oomph’ that it needs to be cookout quality. There are many awesome and unique spice combinations that can come together to create an absolutely delicious piece of chicken. As long as you are experimenting with some of these spice variations you can grill chicken every night of the week and never get tired of your meal. To help you make this happen, continue reading to find out the best spice choices and combinations for your grilled chicken.

Salt and Pepper? There’s So Much More

Forget salt and pepper. So many people use these two spices as their go-to seasonings when there are so many other delicious spices deserving of your time. Sure, they add flavor to the chicken, but if you are constantly reaching for this pair you’ll never truly experience the deliciousness that chicken is capable of giving to you. The right seasonings will have salt and pepper added already, so you won’t have the need to add them separately.

Paprika for Hot, Smoky Taste

grilled chicken with spice

Paprika, for instance, is one spice to grab instead of the salt and pepper. Paprika adds a nice flavor to the chicken, emitting a slightly hot, yet still mild-mannered, smoky sweet sensation for your taste buds. When combined with garlic and used as a chicken marinade you have chicken perfection!

Garlic For Freshness

Garlic is great for flavoring chicken as noted above, however, it must be prepared properly. Garlic salt is an absolute no-go for your chicken breast. Garlic powder is only okay in emergency situations. Instead, use a fresh clove of garlic to rub over the chicken. Then, mince the garlic and mix with paprika, oregano, and lemon pepper to marinate the chicken!

Oregano For a Taste of Italy

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Oregano is a nice spice option when the same old chicken dish just isn’t working for some reason. Oregano will add a little bit of an Italian flair to the meat, and especially when paired with paprika or my next ingredient, can pack quite a punch.

Lemongrass Adds Asian Flair

Lemongrass is an Asian spice that will perk your chicken right up. This spice combines the flavors of lemon together with black pepper, creating a taste sensation that takes the taste of your chicken to a whole new level.

Turmeric Adds International Flair

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Turmeric is great as an alternative flavor to mix it taste combinations and creations. Turmeric of course is an Indian spice so it’s perfect for those nights when you want to go more international in flavor. The turmeric flavor is unique, and it is best for those who don’t mind a bit of ’kick’ to their chicken. Another favorite spice from our Indian friends is curry powder. A sweet version is available in addition to the traditional, each offering a burst of flavor and mystery to your grilled chicken.

Chili Lime Adds South American Spice

Another awesome spice to bring International flavor to your kitchen is chili lime. With this spice added to your grilled chicken you’re creating an awesome taste that comes from South America. Chili lime is commonly used in Asia and Mexico, but is one of many fruit inspired spices found inside of kitchens in these countries. Chili lime is very bold and authentic. Your chicken will have a spicy-sour flavor with the use of this wonderful spice.

Fines Herbes For a Taste of the Mediterranean

Enjoy the phenomenal taste of the Mediterranean with the addition of fines herbes seasoning for your grilled chicken. This tasty spice combines several different herbs together, including thyme, chives and tarragon, to create a mild, yet tasting meal. This spice works wonderfully on many different meats, but when added to grilled chicken it is exceptional. Try it out!

Spice Up Your Next Cookout

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So many spices to try out, and this list is far from complete. Start with those listed above when it is time to grill chicken. Find recipes that use these spices, and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find exactly what you love. After all, the best dishes are those that don’t follow recipes to their exact specifications, instead mixing in your own personal touches. Chicken has never tasted so good!

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