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Making Grilled Pizza in Six Easy Steps

grilled pizzaHave you ever had grilled pizza? Pizza is a staple in many American diets, yet sometimes it starts to lose its luster when it is done in the same way over and over. After adding so many toppings that you now have a piece of dough covered with everything in the produce aisle, one should realize it is time to bring in the grill, but many people have not thought this way before. You may think this is something crazy, but you can get a delicious, crispy, and healthy pizza by using the grill. With a little bit of practice and using these six easy steps, these pizzas will be a hit with family and friends.

A Note before Beginning

When it comes to grilling a piece of dough on a grill grate that has holes, you want to have a thicker dough. Your pizza will be crispy and thin if you toss, or roll if you are like me and are not coordinated, the piece to about ½ inch thick. You want to make sure that your grill is clean; otherwise the dough may stick to the leftover food and grease from previous grilling.

Step One

Because the dough will cook very quickly, it is critical that you have all of your toppings ready to go in small bowls. Bring your toppings, sauce, and cheese out to the grill. You will have just a few seconds to add all of your toppings and close the lid. Make sure you have everything within arm’s reach and laid out in the order you want to add them to the pizza. These small steps of preparation will give you delectable rewards.

grilled pizzaStep Two

For this step, you want to make your dough. Roll it out the appropriate thickness according to your recipe or about ½ thick. This will give you a dough that is strong enough to keep its shape, yet will be thin and crispy after you are done grilling.

Some recommend adding a cornmeal dusting to the dough, which allows for easier transfers between the baking pan and the grill.

Step Three

Finally, you are working on the grill! Place the pizza dough over direct heat and close the lid for three to four minutes. You are looking for slight coloration. Since this will be the side you are adding all of your toppings to after you flip it, if you would rather it not be dark, flip it early. Otherwise, three to four minutes will suffice.

Step Four

Step four is the simplest, yet the most crucial – flip the dough. You want to be able to support all the edges; it is like a big, grilled pancake. The sides are heavy, and there is a chance you will drop it between the tines. I have done it a couple of times; you have to master the flick of the wrist. Once you do, you will never fear ashy pizza dough again.

While most spatulas will work, it has been my personal experience to use a plate to help you flip the pizza if you are making a large pizza. Roll the dough out on a large platter, transfer it to the grill, and let it cook as normal. When it is time to flip it, use a spatula to lift a corner and slide the plate underneath. Then you simply flip the plate so the uncooked side is on the grill. It sounds silly, but it works and I was tired of dropping the pizza through the grates into the coals below.

Grilled pizzaStep Five

One of the most exciting parts of making a pizza is topping it. After you flip the dough, quickly add the sauce, toppings, and cheese that you want. Be sure that it is not too thick, because all the toppings may not cook. Since you are cooking the other side while you are adding the toppings, you want to add them as quickly as possible. After adding everything you like, close the lid and let your mouth water as delicious pizza scents waft from your grill.

Step Six

The cooking time will vary from grill to grill, so be sure to keep a close eye on it and your nose alert. If you smell it scorching, take it off immediately. Typically, the other side will take about eight minutes to cook. If you want it chewier, you will have to experiment with heat and time. Be sure to keep us posted on your results!

Grilling pizza is something many grill masters have yet to try, and that is a shame since it is so much healthier for you and it is incredibly easy. Pizza can be done in so many ways, so as you try different toppings, be sure to jot down how you did it and share it with us here in the comments. We would love to hear your pizza grilling stories.

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