Ice Cube on Burger When Grilling

Burgers are one of the easiest meats to grill. Simply season, heat your grill, and get to cooking, right? You can make this grill-time favorite even more delicious when you put ice on grilled burgers. Sound a little strange? Trust us; this technique produces incredible results. 

Grilling with this technique is still simple, but there are a couple of extra steps to make sure your burgers come out moist and juicy with the small ice cube technique. This trick is not rocket science, and using these tips won’t take up too much of your time. 

Fire up the grill, grab your ground beef, seasonings, and get ready to enjoy next-level patties with delicious grilled flavor. 

Ice Cube on Burger When Grilling
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Graham Elliot

Who Started the Ice Cube Burger?

If you’re a fan of the show MasterChef on FOX, you’re probably familiar with judge Graham Elliot. Graham Elliot disclosed his secret trick to Fox News years ago, and the public has been raving about “ice burgers” ever since. 

Graham recommends this method because hamburger meat can lose its natural juices and moisture on the grill. He recommends using just straight meat, little to no seasonings or additional ingredients, and allowing the ice to give the burger much-needed moisture. 

Why Does the Ice Cube Burger Trick Work?

You might be wondering how exactly this trick works for grill masters across the nation. Essentially, each burger patty will have a cube in the middle. The cube melts as the burger cooks over high heat and saturates the meat with moisture. 

Burger Grilling

The added moisture replenishes any lost natural juices during the cooking process. No one wants a dry burger, so simply put a  cube inside each of your patties for mouth-watering juicy meat. Ice cubes also help make sure your burger doesn’t become overcooked on the hot grill. 

How to Grill Burgers with Ice Cubes

How to Grill Burgers with Ice Cubes
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Here is a complete breakdown of how to tackle this cooking tip and start enjoying juicy burgers. The first step is to get your patty ready, whether they are store-bought or you make your patties by hand. 

Then, go ahead and grab a little ice and place it in the center of the patty. Wrap the rest of the meat around it and seal it into a pocket. You’ll notice your ice cubes making a raised lump in the burger. Don’t worry, the ice won’t make the burgers cold! 

Pop the burgers on the grill for cooking. The ice melts pretty quickly to saturate the meat with moisture it otherwise would lose on the heat. Each little ice cube will melt and leave your hamburger perfectly cooked on the grill. 

putting ice cubes in the center of your burger patties
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Although your ice cube melts pretty quickly and burgers don’t take much time to cook, one tip judge Graham Elliot recommends is to let your patties sit. After the beef is fully cooked to your desired doneness, letting them sit and rest will allow the food to soak up any leftover juice and moisture. 

Now you know this grilling secret that keeps grill masters going in the pursuit of moist, tender burgers that melt in your mouth. It seems like it’s time to try it for yourself. Wouldn’t you agree?


A juicy burger on the grill is one of the best parts of summertime. Everyone loves meat that’s moist and melts in your mouth. Use this tip if you typically end up with dry, tough meat. The ice will be a game-changer in your next trip to the grill. 

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